Business Structure/Development Services

Are you set up in the most appropriate business structure?

Is your existing structure still appropriate?

What is the optimum structure in your situation?

Is the benefit of restructuring worth the costs?

The legal structure in which your business is owned and operated is one of the most critical and difficult decisions you will be required to make. It is important that appropriate structures are established and updated as necessary if the desired taxation outcomes are to be achieved.

We are able to quickly assess your needs and financial objectives and provide detailed recommendations, and then supervise the establishment process in accordance with those recommendations. We work cooperatively with other professionals as required to achieve the required result.

Many new businesses fail because of inadequate planning. Many established businesses can also fail, not recognizing key drivers in a changing environment and the many obstacles along the way to success. Selecting the right business adviser to support your business is a serious decision and not one to be taken lightly.

We will help you quickly gain a true picture of where your business is positioned. You will find out what can be done to fix problems and to keep growing. Our professionals are trained to recognise if your business has issues that need solving.

If you are looking for an Accountant that delivers proactive advice and adds value then look no further than KE Fenton and Associates.

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